Features of Bad credit mobile phones


To be deemed financially irresponsible is something that many people loathe especially when they know that the status of their credit score is not a function of financial irresponsibility. However, this has not deterred many providers across the UK or even lenders to hold people with a poor credit rating in contempt. There is always a different kind of treatment when it comes to people that are deemed to have a poor credit rating.

For a long period of time, mobile phone providers all over the United Kingdom wanted nothing to do with people with a less than stellar credit score. They avoided them and rejected their mobile phone contract applications pronto. The resultant effect was a dip in self esteem and people with a poor credit rating feeling like they are lesser of human beings to those with a stellar credit history.

However, thanks to a change in attitude in recent years and the mushrooming of providers offering bad credit mobile contracts, the environment has changed drastically. It is now possible and simple to apply for bad credit mobile phones without breaking a sweat as was the case in the years gone by. With bad credit mobile contracts, applicants no longer have to worry about incessant rejections or applying to as many providers as possible with the hope that one of them approves their application. The general rule is that bad credit mobile phone plans are essentially designed for people with a poor credit rating. However, in as much as these contracts have breathed a new lease of life to people with bad credit, there are a number of features that a person should be in the know about them.

No Credit checks

You will agree with me that credit checks are mandatory and are used as a factor to determine the approval or outright rejection of mobile phone contracts applications. However, this is not a factor when it comes to bad credit mobile contracts. In fact, we can categorically state without flinching that we don’t run credit checks as a precursor to determining whether we approve you or not. In essence, what we are saying is that credit checks don’t play any role in the ultimate decision to approve or reject bad credit mobile phones applications.

Interest rates

Another important feature of bad credit mobile contracts is that they attract high interest rates as compared to ordinary mobile contracts. The assumption is that people with a poor credit rating are high risk and therefore providers in UK tend to apply high interest rates as a mitigating factor. It is generally designed to ensure that they cushion themselves from the risk of approving contracts without taking credit scores into consideration.

Perks and contractual commitments

Generally, bad credit mobile contracts are characterized by fewer benefits in plans as compared to standard mobile contracts. You get to enjoy fewer minutes, text messages as well as data bundles as compared to ordinary contracts. You are also required to commit for an extended period of time usually for 18 months and more which means you are locked into a contract for a longer period than is normal with other contracts.

Top 5 mobile dating apps for android and iPhone


Before the advent of the internet, dating was very much an involving process. You had to physically find a person, make travel arrangements to meet them, write letters that took days to reach the intended recipient and even wait for an extended period before getting a reply. This however is now history with the evolution of mobile phones and popularity of dating apps on both Google playstore and the Appstore.

While getting a mate has never been a simple thing, there is no denying that dating apps have wondrously changed the dating scene and meeting and socializing with a person is as simple as installing the dating app of your choice. However, if you are new into the game and wondering what kind of dating apps you should install on your iPhone or Android, we are here to make the work easy for you. We are going to take a look at some of top dating apps that you can install and start connecting with soul mates from your locality or whatever part of the world.


Boasting of over 150 million users worldwide, Badoo is indeed a popular dating app that has a great user interface, easy navigation and interacting and is arguably one of the best dating apps for making new friends, chatting, dating, sharing common interest and whatever you might think of. As a free member using Badoo, you have leeway to contact up to 10 people or members of your choice in a day. You can install this great dating app on your phone from iTunes or Google Playstore.

Meet Moi

A top versatile location based dating app launched in the year 2010, Meet Moi boasts of over 3 million users and continues to be an effective dating app where you receive push notifications if there is a match to your specifications in the location you are in at the moment. All you need to do is simply accept your match, contact them and start chatting and make up your mind later if you are really interested in meeting them or not based on your initial chat. You can choose to use it for free or subscribe to be a premium member which of course opens up a whole lot of opportunities for you.


If you are seeking to meet with people who are bi, gay or curious, Grindr is the dating app for you. This amazing number 1 location based app has a presence in 192 countries and boasts of over 4 million users. What’s more? Of the over 4 million users, 1.1 million users actively log in daily and connect with their matches. For a free member, you have the option of viewing up to 100 members while premium members have the luxury of viewing up to 300 profile members.

Meet Me

Like Grindr, Meet Me is also one of the few location based dating apps boasting of over 90 million users hence making it easy for a person to effectively and efficiently connect with new friends, interact with your existing friends and ultimately locate and inadvertently date and find new love in the process. With Meet Me dating app, you get to find out matches within your location, search for prospective matches and get to chat and learn more about each other.


OkCupid dating app is a brain child of the widely popular online dating site going by the same name. The app was developed to give the online dating site users an opportunity to meet and date while on the go without having to deal with the barrier of having to be before a computer. The app is easy to use, simple to navigate and makes interacting with new matches very simple.

Important things you need to know before developing a new mobile phone app


Achieving a competitive edge as a business requires that you think outside the box and be dynamic. Successful entrepreneurs are not rigid but are dynamic. Mobile apps have made it simple for business people to communicate with customers on the latest offers, discounts, new product launches, and interactions and even make it simple for customers to order and even pay for products and services.

In light of the above, many businesses are looking for ways in which they can develop new mobile phone apps to make business operations seamless. However, as is the case with undertaking a new venture, its important you be conversant with a number of things before you develop a new mobile phone app for your business. So what are these important things that you need to know of beforehand prior to developing or building a new mobile phone app?


The question “what would the whole app development process cost” is of essence as you do not want to embark into an ambitious project that is not in tandem with your budget. This is especially important if you have no skills to develop a new mobile phone app and hence relying on outsourcing to a developer. You need to ascertain what the cost of developing a new mobile app for your business would be as well as the time it will take to come up with a new one. It’s essential that you choose a mobile app developer carefully especially if you’ve made up your mind to outsource the development of your new business app. Go for a developer with a proven track record and who shares your ideals and goals. He/she should share in your goals and put themselves in your shoe.


Prior to creating your new mobile app, you need to decide which mobile platforms you need to target. However, it also depends on your objectives as a business. If you are seeking to create an app for monetization purposes, then Appstore would be the ideal platform. However, if you are seeking to create a free app that can reach as many people as possible, the Android platform is the best for you as it does not have a lot of restrictions and most of your target and existing customers are probably using an android phone.


Building an app that does not add value to your business is an exercise in futility. Prior to developing a new app, you need to ascertain how the said app will change the fortunes of your business. Will it minimize operations costs and improve efficiency of services offered to customers? Will it make communication about your products and services easy? Does it provide a platform through which you can get feedback from your customers? Remember that a mobile app is basically an extension of your business brand and therefore major efforts should be put into its development to ensure that it adds value to your business as well as your customers.


Ensure that the mobile app you intend to develop is easy to update on the various platforms it will be added. You also need to factor in the cost of updates on various platforms and make an informed decision prior to developing one.

How Mobile apps have changed our lives


We live in a world where there are mobile apps for virtually everything. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear “there is an app for that” whenever you ask a question. Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply mediums of making phone calls and sending text messages. Mobile applications have now changed the way we use our phones, get information, date and even shop for things online. Mobile apps have also revolutionized the way we interact and socialize with others. With such great apps as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google + and many more, socializing on social media is simply a button away.

You no longer need to be in front of your computer to tweet, share or update your Facebook status. Mobile apps have made tweeting, updating status and even sharing useful posts as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Conversely, making video calls with people from whatever part of the world is no longer a computer affair as it were before the advent of mobile apps. With great mobile apps such as Skype or Google Hangouts, you can make a video call and instant chat from the comfort of your mobile phone.

The wonderful thing about mobile apps is that there are always new mobile phone apps being developed by developers hence opening up great opportunities to make life simple and easy. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in or how busy you are. Nowadays, you can find app that helps you to book reservations for a hotel, a mobile app to help you budget your finances, a mobile app to help you with navigation if you are lost and so on and so forth. In light of this, mobile apps are indeed here to stay if the sheer number of apps being added on Google Playstore and Appstore on a monthly basis is anything to go by. But what informs the kind of apps you install on your mobile phone?


You only install a mobile application if you have a need for it. For instance, if you are always constantly checking your emails, having a Gmail app installed on your phone ensures that you read and respond to emails on the go. Consequently, if you are an online freelancer on such great platforms as Elance, Upwork or PPH, you can always install apps of these sites on your phone to make it simple for you to respond to interview invitations, respond to client messages on the go and even view new job posts from wherever you are.


The other reason that informs the need to install mobile apps is convenience. You definitely do not want to be logging into Facebook or twitter every time you want to engage and interact with friends. You definitely do not want to log into an online dating site every time you want to check messages from your matches and respond to them. Mobile apps are convenient and make it easier to do all these while on the go. They make life simple and easier and that is why statistics show that Smartphone users have at least 10 mobile apps installed in their phones.

Best free iPhone apps for 2015


If you own an iPhone, you are probably interested in learning more about new apps being added to the app store. Apple app store is home to some of the best apps you could ever think of. Every year, developers add new apps to the app store and of course most iPhone lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing apps to install on their phones. The question that most iPhone users contend with is the kind of apps they need to install on their phones. With this in mind, what are the best iPhone apps you could install on your iPhone in 2015.

While listing down the best apps of 2015, we are going to focus on useful apps rather than focus on the common biggest and usual suspects such as Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the like. We are going to focus on useful apps that could have escaped your attention and which we believe could make your life much better if installed on your mobile phone. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some useful apps of 2015.

Boomerang from Instagram

Basically, boomerang is the latest addition from Instagram and which works more or less in the same way like Vine. However, the distinctive feature is that rather than record videos that are 6 seconds long, it plays 10 photos in rapid succession like a short clip and thereafter the user has an opportunity to post the short clips either on Facebook or even Instagram. It should be noted that this app is free.

Lucky trip

If you are the kind of person who loves traversing the globe and travelling while discovering new places and having adventure, Lucky trip is the kind of app you should be installing on your iPhone. The app works in a simple way and makes your travels much easier. You simply need to key in the budget you intend to spend and the app will bring up information on how you can get there whether you need to take a flight, places you can spend a night, and information about different destinations. By matching the budget you have to a particular destination, it helps in avoiding surprises when you reach your intended destination.

Guardian Soulmates

If you feel lonely and need to find some love and somehow can’t stand apps on dating such as Match or Tinder, Guardian Soulmates is all you need. From the sound of its name, this app was created by Guardian and its very simple to use. You simply need to create an account, search for people who meet your requirements and you could start connecting with as many people as possible within your locality or area of choice.


If you are the kind of person with numerous foreign friends and want to communicate with them effortless without language barrier coming into play, installing iTranslate app into your iPhone is all you need. If you haven’t fully grasped how useful this app is, picture this. You can now type in English while communicating with a friend who speaks Spanish effortlessly in real time!

The FIFA Weekly

It’s not by mistake that football is the most popular sport on earth. Every weekend, millions of people are hooked on their screens just to follow what’s happening in the football world. It is for this reason that FIFA weekly app is a must have for football fanatics. It is simply a digital magazine app that provides you with the latest information on scores, transfer news, interviews and so on and so forth from the ever interesting world of FIFA.